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Hartford Whalers Wantlist

Hartford/New England Whalers Memorabilia Wantlist Updated: (9/3/2015) 

Please read my trade/sale rules. Red text -sale/trade pending
I need one of the following items. Please e-mail me (webmaster@whalershockey.com) if you have one for sale or trade.


Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee: Mike Liut 590 (regular, red, retro, rainbow, rainbow black)

Upper Deck Artifacts: Ron Francis: 49 (regular, ruby, silver, saphire, emerald, spectrum, black auto); Dual
Materials (silver, emerald, spectrum, black); Auto Dual Materials (silver, emerald, spectrum, black)
Upper Deck Fleer Ultra: Ron Francis Fresh Ink FI-RF
Upper Deck Ice: Mike Liut Glacial Graphs GG-ML (regular, black, gold)
Upper Deck MVP: Ron Francis Pro Sign PRO-RF
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee: Whalers logo 226,294
Upper Deck Premier: Mike Luit RH-LI (regular, spectrum), II-LI (regular, spectrum)
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Mike Liut 90 (regular, auto), 94-57 (regular, die-cut auto)
Upper Deck SPx: 227(jersey/patch) Ron Francis Flashback Fabrics

ITG Between the Pipes: Al Smith I-42, Mario Gosselin A-MGO2
ITG Decades The 90's: Sean Burke 131(regular, gold) A-SB; John Cullen 79(regular,gold); Peter Sidorkewicz 121(regular,gold) A-PS, Bobby Holik A-BHO, Kelly Chase A-KC
ITG Enforcers: Kelly Chase 143, Jim Dorey A-JD
ITG Stickwork: Howe, Francis, Burke SRT-08 (silver, gold)
ITG Used: Francis (w/Messier) EC-07 (silver, gold)
Panini Boxing Day Absolute Hockey: 1 Gordie Howe (regular, ice)
Panini Contenders: Quad #C4-HFD Mark Howe, Verbeek, Ferraro, Francis (regular,gold, black)
Panini Crown Royale: Gordie Howe: MY-GH Mythology Materials(regular, prime, patch), 29 Silhouette Signatures(regular, prime, patch), Ray Fererro 10 Pacifics Choice (saphire, holo saphire), Pat Verbeek 3 Signatures(regular, prime, patch), Brendan Shanahn 4 Silhouette Signatures(regular, prime, patch)
Panini Dominion: Gordie Howe; 17 Tape to Tape, 19 Complete sweaters, 38 Mammoth (patch, prime, jersey),  65 Ron Franicis Had it Stamped it, Q-HFD Quad - Shanahan, G.Howe, Verbeek, Francis (tags, patch, prime, jersey)
Panini National Treasures: Bendan Shanahan 94 (regular, #'s variation, silver, gold, emerald, black, BP black, BP Cyan, BP magenta, BP yellow); Dual/Triple Auto 6(regular, prime),17(regular, prime),20(regular, prime); Timeline 30(regular, prime, patch), 43(regular, prime, patch); Signature Shields 56, Century Materials 11 (jersey, prime, patch, tag); Flawless 81(regular,platinum) 82(regular,platinum); Frozen Treasures 19(regular, prime, patch); Treasure Chest booklet 2 (jersey, prime, patch)
Panini Playbook: Gordie Howe: 1 Fabled Fabrics (regular, prime, patch)
Panini Prime: Gordie Howe CLG-GH (logo, patch) D-HH w/Mark (regular, prime, patch), NA-GH Namesakes, 41 Numbersakes; Ron Francis PC-RF (logo, numbers?, patch?)
Panini Rookie Anthology: Ron Francis: 41 Luxury Suite Memorabilia
Panini Select: Brendan Shanahan 162 (regular, prizm, prizm gold, prizm black, red prizm -from the Black Friday packs)
Panini Titanium: Gordie Howe: GG-GH Game Worn Gear (regular, prime, patch), 65 Titanium Reserve
Panini Totally Certified: Gordie Howe: TC-GH (red jersey, blue prime, gold patch, green patch)
Upper Deck Artifacts: Ron Francis 86 (regular, silver jersey/jersey, emerald, saphire, emerald jersey/patch, horizontal silver jersey/jersey, spectrum, horizontal emerald jersey/patch, spectrum patch/patch, silver auto jersey/jersey, horizontal spectrum patch/patch, emerald auto jersey/patch, black auto, black patch tag, spectrum auto patch/patch)
Upper Deck Series 1: Ron Francis 49 (regular, gold script, super script), GJ-RF
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee: Ron Francis ST-RF, Whalers logos 118,119
Upper Deck SP Game Used: Ron Francis 62 (regular, gold auto), SS-RF
Upper Deck SPx: Ron Francis WM-RF (jersey/stick, patch)
Upper Deck Trilogy: Ron Francis 45 (regular, auto), IS-RF, SP-RF (regular, retro logo, nhl logo), C34

ITG Between the Pipes: Sean Burke 119, A-SB; Peter Sidorkewics 116, A-PS
ITG Draft Prospects: Ron Franics 138 (regular, emerald, gold, onyx)
ITG Superlative: Gordie Howe AJ-GH3 (silver, gold), CC-07 (silver, gold); Dave Keon AJ-DK (silver, gold)
ITG Ultimate Memorabilia: Ron Francis Enshrined 2007 (silver auto, silver auto/jersey, gold auto, gold auto/jersey), Brendan Shanahan Patch (silver, gold)
IGT Ultimate Memorabilia Spring Expo: Legacy Redemption - Gordie Howe, Keon, Francis (silver, gold)
Panini Black Friday: 9 Gordie Howe (regular, ice)
Panini Certified: 132 Ron Francis (regular, Gold Spotlight, Hot Box, Blue, Gold, Black, Monikers Emerald, Ice Tag )
Panini Classic Signatures: 25(regular, auto), 47, 57, 101(regular, auto), 102(regular, auto), 139(regular, auto), 149(regular, auto), 194(regular, auto), Social Signature Daryl Reaugh, Nicknames: Grimson, Ferraro, Francis; Banner Numbers G Howe
Panini Crown Royal: Royal Lineage RL-HFD Gordie Howe, Pat Verbeek, Brendan Shanahan
Panini Limited: Ron Francis 196 (regular, silver, gold, emerald, platinum) , TT-RF (regular, patch, prime)
Panini Prime: G. Howe Genuine Marks 1, Dominion 100 (peerless patch, auto patch), Prime Quads 2 (regular, prime, patch); Francis/Coffey Prime Quads 3 (regular, prime, patch); Francis Showcase Swatches 53, Genuine Swatches 54; Verbeek Captians Cloth 73, Genuine Letters 74
Panini Rookie Anthology: 23 G. Howe, Verbeek, Shanahan (regular, patch, prime)
Upper Deck Black Diamond: Triple Diamond: Ron Francis 170 (regular, Ruby, Emerald Auto, Sapphire Auto), Brendan Shanahan 153 (regular, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire)
Upper Deck Fleer Retro: Ron Francis 59 (regular, auto)
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee: Ron Francis (PU-23, 517), Brendan Shanahan (PU-22), Whalers logo patches (TL-56, TL-99)
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Ron Francis SP67 (regular, auto), 161 (regular, auto)

Upper Deck The Cup: Ron Francis 69 (regular, jersey, gold spectrum, gold patch, black, black auto tag), CF-RF (regular jersey, auto jersey, auto patch, auto tag), AMP-RF, CE-RF, C3-GR8S, DHN-FH, HN-RF, LL-RF
ITG Between the Pipes: Sean Burke 106(silver, gold), A-SB Mike Liut 128(silver, gold), A-MLI
ITG Captain C: Pat Verbeek 59 (silver, gold)
ITG Heroes and Prospects: Gordie Howe HM-09 (silver, gold, silver - limited, gold -limited)
ITG Ultimate Memorabilia: Gordie Howe Spring Expo Superbox redemption
Panini Certified: 4 Chris Pronger Throwback Threads (regular, mirror black, mirror gold, signatures)
Panini Crown Royale: 39 Ray Ferarro Scratching the Surface Signatures (regular, Black)
Panini Dominion: Ron Francis 40 (jersey, jersey prime, jersey patches, peerless patch auto), 14 stick side signatures, 19 had it stamped it, Francis Sweater by the dozen (regular, patches, prime),
 Pronger/G.Howe/Francis Pen Pal Triples (regular, Black)
Panini Limited: 37 (regular, Gold Spotlight, Legends, Materials, Prime Materials, Monikers Gold, Monikers Platinum, Platinum Spotlight, Ruby Spotlight  ) 19 Limited Trios (Materials, Patch Materials, Prime Materials), 10 Men of Mayhem (signatures, platinum signatures)
Panini Prime: Pat Verbeek 26 Captains Cloth
Panini Rookie Anthology: Ron Francis 37 Luxury Suite jersey/stick combo
Panini Titanium: Ron Francis 5 Marks of Honour auto
SportKings: Gordie Howe D-02 (silver, gold)
Upper Deck series 1: HOF-19 Clear Cut Honored Members Francis
Upper Deck Artifacts: 110 Legend Francis (regular, emerald, spectrum, black auto)
Upper Deck Black Diamond: Gordie Howe GEM-GH
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee: 530 Marquee Legends Francis (regular, retro, rainbow foil, black rainbow foil)
Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions: 37(regular,auto), 72(regular,auto), 100(regular,auto), Champ's SP 57 (regular, greenback, parkhurst back, gold rainbow, signatures, signatures ink), PM-22
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Ron Franics INK-RF, MD-RF  Brendan Shanahan 59(regular, patch)
Upper Deck SP Game Used: Ron Franics 40, 47 (gold, silver spectrum, gold spectrum), SS-RF
Upper Deck SPx: Ron Franics 111(regular, spectrum), SB-4
Upper Deck Ultimate Collection: Ron Francis 28, Brendan Shanahan 27,PS-BS

ITG Decades: A-BH, A-DK, A-GM, A-JG, A-KD, A-MJ2, A-RF, DR-39, F-7(sliver, gold), RJ-05(sliver, gold), M-20 Jersey (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold), M-20 Number (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold), M-20 Emblem (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold), M-75 Jersey (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold), M-75 Number (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold), M-75 Emblem (black, silver, gold, limited black, limited silver, limited gold)
ITG Enshrined: Ron Francis (CM-85,CM-84), Gordie Howe Emblematic E-19, Induction Year IY-84
ITG Famous Fabrics: Gordie Howe 2ND EDITION JERSEY PATCH
ITG Ultimate Memorabilia: 4 Ron Francis (regular, artist proof) Days Gone By Dave Keon (silver, gold)
Lost Season (Czech issue): 1 Steve Weeks
Panini Certified: 14 Ray Ferraro Throwback Threads (regular, black, blue, emerald, gold, red, autograph)
Panini Dominion: 143; Got your Number insert 7, Franchise Legends insert 10 , Brass Bonanza inserts - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Panini Donruss: 6 Torrie Robertson Tough Times (regular, auto), 9 Bobby Hull Ice Kings
Panini Limited: 2 Brendan Shanahan Select Signatures
Panini Pinnacle: 28 Pencraft Auto Bobby Hull
Upper Deck 2011 Sping Expo: Gordie Howe PS-GH
Upper Deck Series 2: DC-HF Ron Francis
Upper Deck All-star game: ASG5 Gordie Howe
Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day (Canada):  HCD13 Gordie Howe
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Gordie Howe 208
Upper Deck SP Game Used: CL2-GH, CL3-GH Gordie Howe Career Legacy
Upper Deck SPx: Gordie Howe 107 (regular, spectrum), 239
Upper Deck The Cup: 53 (regular, black, black auto laundry tag, gold patch, gold spectrum, jersey variation), 54 (regular, black, gold spectrum, jersey variation), CE-RF, CE2-FH, CF-RF (regular, auto, patch, auto'ed patch), EE-RF, HN-RF, LL-RF, POF-RF, SP-RF, SS-RF
Upper Deck Ultimate Collection: Gordie Howe 27, UN-GH, UJ-GH
IGT Between the Pipes: Mike Liut 130, A-ML
IGT Ultimate Memorabilia Fall Expo: Gordie Howe Ultimate Redemption Jersey card
ITG Superlative: Game used patch Dave Keon SP-61
ITG Superlative 2010 Fall Expo Patch Redemption: Dave Keon
OPC Premier: Gordie Howe 15 (regular, gold auto), PS-GH (regular, gold), PP-HH AR3-GH, AR4-GH, 3J-YZH (Howe pictured as RW but Whalers jersey)
Famous Fabrics: Gordie Howe Single Patch, Milestones (1000th goal)
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Gordie/Mark Howe Prestigous Parings Dual Auto PP-HH, Jean-Sebastein Giguere RR-JG
Upper Deck SP Game Used: Gordie Howe IS-GH, LM-GH, SS-GH, AF-GH (regular, gold)
Upper Deck Trilogy: Classic Confrontations Whalers/Bruins CC-HABO
Upper Deck Black Diamond: 182 (regular, ruby, gold, platinum), 200(regular, ruby, gold, platinum), BD11 (Horizontal, Die cut), BD23(Horizontal, Die cut)
Upper Deck: SS-GH Gordie Howe
Upper Deck Frozen Artifacts: FAR-GH Gordie Howe

ITG Ultimate Memorabilia: Fall Expo Redemption Gordie Howe jersey cards: Career Goals (silver, black, gold), Career Assists (silver, black, gold), Career Points (silver, black,gold), Career Games Played (silver, black, gold), Career All-Star Games Played (silver, black, gold),
ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey: 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, A-JDO, A-LP, A-RL, A-TW
ITG Between the Pipes: 95 Al Smith
Upper Deck Champ's: 31 Gordie Howe
Upper Deck SPx: Flashback Fabrics Shanahan 204 (regular, spectrum)
Upper Deck The Cup: Gordie Howe 47, DSS-HH, EE-GH, CF-GH
Upper Deck SP Game Used: Gordie Howe 46 (regular, gold, gold spectrum, platinum, platinum spectrum), AF4-RLHM (quad jersey-Whalers jersey)
Upper Deck Masterpiece: Gordie Howe 28 (regular, green, blue, red, black), XLA-HH (5X7 auto), Mark Howe MB-HO (regular, green, blue, red, black)
Upper Deck Ultimate: Gordie Howe 17, US-GH

ITG Between the Pipes: FRG16 - JS Giguier First Round Goalie jersey
O-Pee-Chee Premier Stitching Gordie Howe PS-GH (regular, parallel1, parallel2)
Upper Deck Trilogy - Personal Scripts PS-HO Gordie Howe
Upper Deck The Cup: Gordie Howe 58 (regular, gold, gold jersey, gold patch, black, black auto patch, pressplate)
In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia: Dave Keon: Boys will be Boys Jersey (silver/gold), In the Numbers Jersey (silver/gold), Double Jersey (silver/gold), Jersey/Emblem (silver/gold), Auto/Jersey (silver/gold), Auto/Stick
 (silver/gold), Journey Emblem Double (silver/gold), Journey Jersey Double (silver/gold) Ron Francis: First Round Picks (silver, gold)

Upper Deck Parkhurst 50 (regular, auto), 139 (regular, auto), 223 (regular, auto), 227 (regular, auto), DA-LD
In The Game Heroes & Prospects: HM-41
In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia: Game Used Jersey/Emblem Dave Keon (silver/gold)
Upper Deck SP Game Used: AD-NY, GG-GH2, SS-GH2

In The Game NHL Franchises (US East) UOS-07, A-ALX, A-DKN1, A-RLY
Upper Deck SP Authentic 195 Chris Pronger Rookie Card buyback
Upper Deck Young Guns Retro Ron Francis 187 (regular, Glossy, Exclusive)

ITG Parkhurst Rookie: #30 Francis
Upper Deck: Gordie Howe GH20, GH21
Upper Deck Bee Hive: Gordie Howe 69 (regular, silver, gold)
Upper Deck MVP: Brendan Shanahan TC3
Upper Deck SP Authentic: Gordie Howe H5 (regular, limited)
Upper Deck Trilogy: S3-GH Gordie Howe (regular, limited)
Upper Deck Foundations 36, 37, 104, 96, 114
Upper Deck Vintage Tall Boys Gordie Howe T69 (regular, gold)
Upper Deck Artistic Impressions Flashbacks UD5 Ron Francis (regular, gold)
Fleer Throwbacks: 89 (Gold, Platinum), 3of10 Squaring Off (regular, Memorabilia)
Be A Player Memorabilia 235 (regular, ruby, sapphire, emerald), 249 (regular, ruby, sapphire, emerald)
Be A Player First Edition (Hobby): 408,412,414

Be A Player Ultimate Memorabilia: Gordie Howe Nameplates, Brendan Shanahan Journey Jersey
Be A Player Vintage Autographs: VA-03 Gordie Howe
Upper Deck Legends: 26

Be A Player Memorabilia: Gordie Howe Retrospective Jerseys GH-2 (regular/signed), GH-4 (regular/signed), GH-6 (regular/signed), GH-7 (regular/signed), Gordie Howe #9-2 (regular/signed)
Czechoslovakia Stadion: P1 Gold Insert Gordie Howe
Upper Deck Legends Epic Signature Verbeek #PV
UD Dual Jersey Combo Shanahan D-BS, Jersey Patch card BS-P

Upper Deck Black Diamond: GH9 Gordie Howe
Be A Player Memorabilia Heritage Series: H-8 Ron Francis (ruby, sapphire, emerald)
Upper Deck MVP 90'S SNAPSHOTS # S5 Brendan Shanahan

Upper Deck Century Legends: E4 Gordie Howe/Eric Lindros
Upper Deck: GJ14 Shanahan

Donruss: Press Proof: 128 Die-cut: 16,69,128,185,200 Rated Rookie #10 (regular/Medalist)
Donruss Canadian Ice: Provincial: 22,99,146 Dominion: 22,41,66,99,146 Les Gardens #4 National Pride #14
Pacific Crown: Checklist Cel #5 Silver: 52,140,192,218,244,270,289,296,322,349 Emerald: 114,166,192,218,244,270,289 Copper: 52,81,114,140,166,218,244,270,289,322 Blue: 52,81,114,140,166,192,218,244,270,289,296,322,349
Pacific Dynagon: Regular: 21 Blue: 20, 21, 22, 23 Silver: 20, 21, 22, 23 Copper: 20, 21, 23 Emerald: 20, 21, 22, 23 Grey: 20, 21, 22, 23 Tandems: 30, 37, 39 Best Kept secrets: 16
Pacific Invincible: Regular: 22,24,25 Silver: 22,23,24,25,26 Copper: 22,23,24,25 Emerald: 22,24,25,26 Blue: 22,23,24,25,26 Regime Bonus set: 39
Pinnacle Certified: Certified Red: 25 Certified Blue: 25,57,125,128,130 Certified Gold: 25,57,125,128,130
Pinnacle Inside: Regular: 78 Coaches Collection: 30,106,149,189 Executive Collection: 30,63,78,106,149,189
Pinnacle Totally Certified: 25,57,125,128,130 Platinum Red 25 Platinum Blue 130 Platinum Gold 25,57,125,128,130
UD Collectors Choice: SQ55,S6,C6 (Detroit, Toronto) Check 276-311
UD SPx #22 Gold Sanderson
Upper Deck: 29 Game Dated: 30

Donruss: Gold Press Proofs 40,121,178 Elite #6of10(gold)
Donruss Canadian: Gold 9,27,66,82,114,122,149 Red 9,27,149
Donruss Elite: Die cut: 39,51,73,127
Fleer Flair: Blue Ice B41,B43,B44
Fleer Metal: Ice carvings:4 Super Power Ice carvings:4
Fleer NHL Picks: Dream Line #7, Captains Choice #10
Leaf: Proofs: 57,78,146,154,164,209,227 Leather&Laces: 17of20 Sweaters 10of15(Home)
Leaf Limited: Bash the Boards #9 Shanny promo
Leaf Preferred: Gold Proofs: 9,84,85,121
Pinnacle Regular: Team Pinnacle #5 Rink: 82 Premium Stock (silver): By the #'s: 2 Team Pinnacle #5 AP: 12,56,60,82,132,179,187,225 Magazine (metallic background): 37,56,60,82,179,187,225  Team Pinnacle #5
Pinnacle Be A Player Regular 145,167 Foil Auto: 60,83,131 Promo: 60
Pinnacle Fantasy: Redemption 2of20 Playing card 2of20 Badge 2of20
Pinnacle Select Certified: Regular: 108 Red: 108 Blue:40,44,90,108 AP:40,90,108 Mirror Red:40,44,90,108 Mirror Blue:40,44,90,108 Mirror Gold:40,44,90,108
Pinnacle Summit Ice: 139 Artist Proof: 44,109,139,168 Magazine (flat metallic silver background) 24, 139, 168
Pinnacle Zenith: AP: 29,101 Championship Salute #4 (chase)
Playoff One on One: 396, 400
Score: GB:46,250 AP: 2,87,146,195 Special AP: 2,37,46,87,119,146,195,250 Dealers AP: 2,46,87,146,195,250
Topps NHL Picks: OPC: RS17
UD Black Diamond: Gold: 1D: 5  2D: 138
UD Collector's Choice: C14 vs Flames (gold), Hawks (gold), Leafs (gold)  CR14 Redemption (gold)
Upper Deck Ice: Ice Performers: 27
Upper Deck SP: CW13,GF19

Canada Games Pogs: 124,125,126
Donruss Elite: Diecut: 21,107
Fleer Ultra: Gold: 71 Padmen #3of12(gold), CC17
Parkhurst: Ice: 91,366,368,369 All-star 3of6
Pinnacle AP:20,62,85
Pinnacle Fantasy:  #6 Shanahan (MVP gold)
Score AP: 32,136,167,194
Score Select Mirror Gold: 64 DS #9(gold)
Score Summit: AP: 73,124,125,132,158,183
Skybox Emotion: generatioNext #5
Topps: OPC: 285 M10(refractor)
Topps Finast: Refractors: 39,65,96
Upper Deck: Ice-Silver: 58,311,539 Ice-Gold: 13,20,130,184,264,311,312,328,400,491,492,539 SE-gold 36,37,39,125,126 Predictor R4 (and redemption) AS4 Jumbo (Shanny)
UD Be A Player: Diecut auto: S30,S33,S62,S87,S116
UDCC: Platinum: 4 C22-Redemption(gold)-Bonus(silver/gold)
Upper Deck/Post Cereal: 11(Shanahan)
Upper Deck SP: E16(gold)
Zenith: Z-team #16

Fleer: Slapshot Artist #9 (Sanderson)
Fleer Ultra: All Rookie #7 (Pronger)
OPC Premier: Special Effects 2,198 Finest #11 (Pronger)
Parkhurst Crash #10(Red)
Pinnacle AP: 187,210,356,487,534
Score: Check-it #18, TC20
Topps Premier: Special Effects: 2,122,157,198,421,542 Finest #15(Sanderson) unmarked sample #2 Turcotte: back of card, first line ends with "Whalers"
Topps Finest Refractors: 62,162
Upper Deck: Ice: 476 Calder Predictor Redemption #C9(silver)

Fleer Power Play Rising Star #6 (Sanderson)
OPC Stadium Club ("PTD in USA" on back): 1st Days 36,102,157,180,186,207
Score Canadian: Gold: 586
Topps Stadium Club 1st Day Issue: 74,157,207,272,290,341,386

1992/93 Seasons NHL patches: #44 and 45 (bilingual version)
             Norwegian Semic #200 Espen Knutsen

1989/90 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds team issue Ron Francis (no #)
1988/89 Topps: #25 Whalers logo Helmet sticker insert
1985/86 Topps Boxbottom: F (Ron Francis)
1984/85 Victoria Cougars: Torrie Robertson
Draft Picks/Minor League Cards:
91/92 Star Picks English: 36
93/94 Classic: Draft/4 Sport: TC9,LP23     Prospects: 61,LP16     Images: 38
94/95 Classic: Draft: R14,C7    Assets: 82 O'Neill    Images: CE16
95/96 Collectors Edge: players who are Whalers property #72,C13,others?

Regional/Food Issues/Oddball/Guides/Programs/Schedules/Misc.:
2010 McFarlane NHL series 23: Gordie Howe (away jersey, auto'ed)
96/97 IGA/Finlay Score Against Hunger poster - Kevin Dineen
96/97 Franklin full size street hockey goalie mask: Whalers
96/97 Bud Ice decal with Whalers schedule
199? Postcard Factory-Whalers logo postcard
199? Cambell Soup Pog: Whalers logo
Bud Ice/Whalers stick/puck handle
1980's Balfour Hartford Whalers ring
1985 Trivia Inc.: Whoozit trivia card - Gordie Howe (if pictured in Whalers uniform, or if mentions Whalers in questions)
1988 Hockey Stars magazine: January issue Ulf Samuelsson cover
1990 Nike Poster Card Gordie Howe (only needed if pictured as Whaler, please advise)
1978? Unknown Poster (11"X16.5") Gordie Howe w/stats, etc. Possibly insert from French newspaper, has "La Vedette Du Mois" written on it. Photo by S. Babineau
1977 Cubic Co. Playing Cards- Gordie Howe (if in Whalers Uniform--I doubt it)
1972 New England Whalers bobbing head doll
1973 Balfour New England Whalers Championship ring
1970's New England Whalers puck shaped bank
75/76 OPC WHA wax pack box with Whalers pictured (Rick Ley, Nick Fotiu, Ron Climie, and T. Abrahamsson)
78/79 WHA Media services directory
76/77 WHA poster announcing All-star game in Hartford
197?/8? "Mel Bailey" postcards/photo --- All Whalers
1979ish Hitchcock Chair Co. of Riverton CT  Looking for any of the  New England Whalers items they produced
1980's Grote&Weigle Whalers hotdogs package, 2nd version

1980's Zab's hot dogs package
1989 Connecticut Bank & Trust (CBT) Hartford Whalers Affinity Charge Card
1986 All Star Game Items: patch "38th All-star game, Hartford, Connecticut", Pin, Glass, etc.
86/87 Audio tape "Whalermania" Mike Luit on cover sponsored by Hartford Insurance Group
1980's Gordie's Place: any items from Howe's restaurant in Glastonbury, CT (menus, etc.)
The Hockey News : V?#? (1/1975 Howard Baldwin), V40#37 (7/31/87 Turgeon), V41#5 (10/23/87 Jarvis)
The Hockey Spectator: All Whalers covers except 10/27/72, 12/29/72, and 5/18/73
The Hartford Courant Northeast magazine 1/27/85 Sylvain Turgeon
Hartford Sports Extra magazine: Issue #1 9/2?/79, Issue #2 10/4/79
Pro-Am Sports Magazine: July/Aug 1972 issue Jack Kelley, Howard Baldwin, Brad Selwood? cover

Season Tickets: (Some that I know of. I'm interested in any tickets with Whalers logo or player pictured)
74-75 Crusaders, 1977 WHA All-star game (Hartford CT), 82/83 Jets (Whalers logo), 84/85 Canadiens, 11/12/1986 Canucks, 86/87 Canadiens, 86/87 Jets, 86/87 Oilers, 88/89 Capitals (Whalers jersey), 88/89 Flyers (Whalers/Flyers skaters), 89/90 Jets (Whalers logo), 1990 Edmonton Oilers90/91 Capitals, 91/92 Kings (Whalers jersey), 91/92 Blues (Whalers jersey), 92/93 Capitals, 92/93 Kings, 92/93 Maple Leafs, 93/94 Ducks (Whalers logo), 93/94 Maple Leafs, 93/94 Panthers (Pat Verbeek), 94/95 Capitals (Whalers player other than Burke, unplayed- lockout), 94/95 Panthers (Whalers player, unplayed- lockout), 94/95 Rangers (unplayed- lockout), 96/97 Blues (Whalers logo), 96/97 Panthers (Whalers player besides Burke?)

New England Whalers
Official Souvenirs: see list below
pocket schedules: 72/73 (Whalers), 72/73 (John Hancock), 72/73 (TV56) 73/74 (TV56)
Season ticket brochures: 75/76, 77/78 (also want group ticket and "game plan" brochures)
Training camp guides: all years except 72
72/73 3.75x5" B&W photos team set (Byers, Caffery, Cunniff, Danby, Dorey, Earl, French, Green, Jordan, Landon, Ley, Pleau, Selwood, Sheehy, Smith, Webster, Williams)
Pucks: Harpoon on W, Biltrite Blue, Orange/Blue (or other colored), others?
1972 Whalers helmet: Given out at Helmet Day at Boston Garden (3/16/73) to the 1st 1,000 kids under 12--Skaters helmet with NE Whalers logo on top

Hartford Whalers
Stanley Cup playoff Media Guides: 86, 87 (not sure if they were made for these years)
Pucks: 79-83 Game puck, 10th anniversary  logo, team puck, Geoff Sanderson photo puck, Alumni puck, others?
pocket schedules: 83/84? (SportsChannel), 83/84? (WVIT/N.E. Savings), 84/85 (WVIT/Genesee), 1989 (Sportschannel)
ticket brochures: season tickets: 80/81, 82/83, 83/84, 86/87, 89/90; partial games: all except 83/84, 96/97; group tickets: all except 86/87, 94/95-96/97
Training Camp guides: 1979, 1993
Line-up cards: (inserted into game program-photo on front, both teams line-up on back)
 93/94 - 10/9, 10/20, 10/30, 11/1, 11/9, 11/17, 11/20, 12/1, 12/8, 12/14, 12/18, 12/29, 1/19, 2/16, 3/9, 3/13, 3/26, 4/6, 4/10
 1995 - 1/22, 3/22, 4/9, 4/12, 4/23
 95/96 - 10/7,10/14,11/15,12/13,12/15,12/20,12/23,1/5,1/27,2/14,2/17,2/21,2/28,3/6,3/13,3/30,4/13
Game notes: (inserted into game program-4 pages folded in middle-photo inside, front has line-up back has team notes)
CT D.O.T. Pocket Calendars: need years 91,95,97 and any year before 1989
95/96 ticket stubs: Kron and Nikolishin
3/27/88 Dave Babych Score Against Hunger Night poster vs Montreal
93/94 Whalers "Score Against Hunger Night" Mark Janssens (12/4 and 3/2)
95/96 Player posters (line-up card enlargements blown up to poster size): Need Shanahan, Kron and any I don't have (I have: Burt, Burke, Cassels, Diduck, Emerson, Lemieux, Nikolishin, Rice, Sanderson, Wesley)
96/97 Whalers/Finlay Poster: Kevin Dineen
Programs: these are ones that I know of, I'm sure there are plenty more
74/75-78/79 Blue Line:
10/19/74 vs Stags: Jim Dorey
1/5/77 vs Mariners : Whalers vs Soviets action

Goal Magazine/Hartford Whalers programs
Ice House: 2/17/93 vs Sabres
Ice House: 3/24/93 vs Canadiens
Ice House: 3/30/93 vs Bruins: Gordie Howe
Ice House: 4/11/93 vs Maple Leafs 

Opponent Programs with Whalers on the cover:
72/73 New York Raiders vs Whalers: Brad Selwood
4/14/76 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Al Hangsleben
1979 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Al Hangsleben
5/8/79 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Dave Keon
3/7/84 Montreal Canadiens program vs Whalers

72/73-74/75 Official N.E. Whalers Souvenir Items: (listed in Harpoon, Face Off, and Blue Line programs)
key chain w/metal disc	WHA poster(72/73)	bobbin head doll	mini stick		pewter tankard
shield key chain	necklace w/pendant	Wristwatch		9 & 12oz Lowball glass	belt buckle with belt
Ring			toiletry travel set	Bracelet w/disc		Frisbee
Team Picture 8.5x11 color (73/74)	Team poster 18x24" color(73/74)	10 player picture postcards(74/75)

General Trade/Sale Rules:
I only am interested in ONE of each item on my list.  I do try to keep this list as current as possible, but please ask before sending any items. If an item is listed and it does not show the player in a WHALERS uniform, than I am most likely not interested. Again, please ask. Cards with a ? following the numbers are players that have been traded, I am only interested in that card if the player is still pictured as a Whaler or he is pictured in another teams jersey with "traded to Hartford" or something like that on the card. I do not collect autographs unless the signature is on an item that is on my list. I am NOT interested in items of the CAROLINA HURRICANES, HARTFORD WOLF PACK, or Connecticut Whale. Finally, I am always looking for posters, programs, magazines, tickets, schedules, brochures, guides, game-giveaways, and any other oddball items with Whalers featured. Please let me know if you have anything that is not listed. Thank you.