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Hartford Whalers Wantlist

Hartford/New England Whalers Memorabilia Wantlist Updated: (2/28/24) 

Please read my trade/sale rules. Green text -sale/trade pending
I'm searching for the item pictured below. Please e-mail me (webmaster@whalershockey.com) if you have one for sale or trade.

Pennant- Super Vinyl
Pennant- Super Vinyl

Please click here for my Whalers hockey card Wantlist

Regional/Food Issues/Oddball/Guides/Programs/Schedules/Misc.:
2010 McFarlane NHL series 23: Gordie Howe (green away jersey, auto'ed)
96/97 Franklin full size street hockey goalie mask: Whalers
96/97 Bud Ice decal with Whalers schedule
1995 Bud Ice Zamboni
Bud Ice/Whalers stick/puck handle

199? Postcard Factory-Whalers logo postcard
1993 Cambell Soup Pog: Whalers logo
1980's Balfour Hartford Whalers ring
1985 Trivia Inc.: Whoozit trivia card - Gordie Howe (if pictured in Whalers uniform, or if mentions Whalers in questions)
1990 Nike Poster Card Gordie Howe (only needed if pictured as Whaler, please advise)
1978? Unknown Poster (11"X16.5") Gordie Howe w/stats, etc. Possibly insert from French newspaper, has "La Vedette Du Mois" written on it. Photo by S. Babineau
1977 Cubic Co. Playing Cards- Gordie Howe (if in Whalers Uniform--I doubt it)
1972 New England Whalers bobbing head doll
1973 Balfour New England Whalers Championship ring    (ring advertisement)
1970's New England Whalers puck shaped bank version #2
75/76 OPC WHA wax pack box with Whalers pictured (Rick Ley, Nick Fotiu, Ron Climie, and T. Abrahamsson)
76/77 WHA poster announcing All-star game in Hartford
197?/8? "Mel Bailey" postcards/photo --- All Whalers (see photos section for ones I already have)
1979ish Hitchcock Chair Co. of Riverton CT  Looking for any of the  New England Whalers items they produced
1980's Grote&Weigle Whalers hotdogs package, 2nd version
1980's Zab's hot dogs package
1989 Connecticut Bank & Trust (CBT) Hartford Whalers Affinity Charge Card - Peter Sidorkewicz
1986 All Star Game Items: patch "38th All-star game, Hartford, Connecticut", Pin, Glass, etc.
86/87 Audio tape "Whalermania" Mike Luit on cover sponsored by Hartford Insurance Group
1980's Gordie's Place: any items from Howe's restaurant in Glastonbury, CT (menus, matches, napkin, etc.)
The Hockey News : V40#37 (7/31/87 Turgeon), V41#5 (10/23/87 Jarvis)
The Hockey Spectator: All Whalers covers except 10/27/72, 12/29/72, and 5/18/73
The Hartford Courant Northeast magazine 1/27/85 Sylvain Turgeon; 2/9/86 Mike Liut
Hartford Sports Extra magazine: Issue #1 9/2?/79, Issue #2 10/4/79, Vol 8 #16 4/9/87  Mike Liut
Pro-Am Sports Magazine: July/Aug 1972 issue Jack Kelley, Howard Baldwin, Brad Selwood? cover

Season Tickets: (Some that I know of. I'm interested in any tickets with Whalers logo or player pictured)
1977 WHA All-star game (Hartford CT),
80/81: Edmonton
84/85: Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg
85/86: Montreal, Winnipeg
86/87:  Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg
87/88: Canada Cup, Vancouver, Winnipeg
88/89: Boston, Washington, Winnipeg
89/90: Winnipeg
90/91: Washington, Winnipeg
91/92: Los Angeles, St. Louis
92/93: Buffalo, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington
93/94 Anaheim, Buffalo, Florida, Los Angeles, Philadlephia, Toronto
94/95: Anaheim, Buffalo, Pittsburgh
95/96: Anaheim, BostonBuffalo, Los Angeles, Montreal, Winnipeg
96/97: Colorado, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Louis

New England Whalers
Official Souvenirs: see list below
Newsletter: Harpoon - V1#2, V1#3, V1#4, V2#3, V2#4, V4#2, V4#3, V4#4, V5?, V6?
pocket schedules: 72/73 (John Hancock), 72/73 (TV56)72/73 Knickerbocker Beer, 73/74 (TV56), 74/75 (Hartford Times)
Season tickets: 72/73, 73/74
Season ticket brochures: 72/73 group, 75/76, 77/78 (also want group ticket and "game plan" brochures)
Training camp guides: 73/74, 74/75, 75/76, 76/77, 77/78
Pucks: Harpoon on W, Biltrite Blue, Blue, 78/79 In Glas Co, others?
Whalers helmet: Given out at Helmet Day at Boston Garden (3/16/73) to the 1st 1,000 kids under 12--Skaters helmet with NE Whalers logo on top

Hartford Whalers
Newsletter: Whaler World V2#2, V2#3, V2#4, V3#2, V3#3, V3#4, V4#1, V4#2, V4#4, V5#1, V5#2, V5#4, V10#3, V10#4, V11#3, V11#4
                     Whale Tales V13?, V14#2, V14#3, V14#4, V15?
Pucks: Cooper, 10th anniversary  logo, team puck, Geoff Sanderson photo puck, Sanderson photo puck version 2, Alumni puck, others?
pocket schedules: 83/84? (SportsChannel), 83/84? (WVIT/N.E. Savings), 84/85 (WVIT/Genesee), 1989 (Sportschannel)
ticket brochures: season tickets: 80/81, 82/83, 83/84,89/90; partial games: all except 83/84, 96/97; group tickets: all except 86/87, 94/95-96/97
Training Camp guides: 1979, 1993
Line-up cards: (inserted into game program - photo on front, both teams line-up on back)
 93/94 - 10/6, 10/20, 10/30, 11/1, 11/9, 11/17, 11/20, 12/1, 12/8, 12/14, 12/18, 12/29, 1/19, 2/16, 3/9, 4/6(Frantisek Kucera), 4/10
 1995 - 3/22, 4/9, 4/12, 4/23
 95/96 - 10/7, 10/14, 11/15, 12/13, 12/20, 12/23, 1/5, 2/14, 2/17, 2/28, 3/13, 3/30, 4/13
Game notes: (inserted into game program - 4 pages folded in middle - 2 page player photo inside, front has line-up back has team notes)
 96/97- 10/24, 10/30, 11/6, 1/15, 1/20, 1/22, 2/22, 3/2, 3/12, 3/29
CT D.O.T. Pocket Calendars: need years 91,95,97 and any year before 1989
93/94 Whalers "Score Against Hunger Night" Mark Janssens (12/4 and 3/2)
95/96 Player posters (line-up card enlargements blown up to poster size): Need Shanahan, Kron and any I don't have (I have: Burt, Burke, Cassels, Diduck, Emerson, Lemieux, Nikolishin, Rice, Sanderson, Wesley)
Programs: these are ones that I know of, I'm sure there are more
74/75-78/79 Blue Line:
10/19/74 vs Stags: Jim Dorey
2/15/75 vs Racers: Ted Green
1/11/76 vs Mariners: 1st Anniversary in Hartford
1/5/77 vs Mariners : Whalers vs Soviets action

Goal Magazine/Hartford Whalers programs
Pre-season 9/30/83 vs Rangers
Pre-season 9/18/90 vs Rangers
Pre-season 9/21/91 vs Devils
Ice House issue 28: 2/17/93 vs Sabres
Ice House issue 36: 3/24/93 vs Canadiens
Ice House issue ??: 4/11/93 vs Maple Leafs 

Opponent Programs with Whalers on the cover:
72/73 New York Raiders vs Whalers: Brad Selwood
4/1973 Ottawa Nationals
4/14/76 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Al Hangsleben
1979 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Al Hangsleben
5/8/79 Edmonton Oilers program vs Whalers: Dave Keon
1980's Quebec Nordiques program vs: Whalers Ron Francis
3/7/84 Montreal Canadiens program vs Whalers

72/73-74/75 Official N.E. Whalers Souvenir Items: (listed in Harpoon, Face Off, and Blue Line programs)
key chain w/metal disc	WHA poster(72/73)	bobbin head doll	mini stick		pewter tankard
shield key chain	necklace w/pendant	Wristwatch		9 & 12oz Lowball glass	belt buckle with belt
Ring			toiletry travel set	Bracelet w/disc		Frisbee
Team Picture 8.5x11 color (73/74)	Team poster 18x24" color(73/74)	10 player picture postcards(74/75)

General Trade/Sale Rules:
I only am interested in ONE of each item on my list.  I do try to keep this list as current as possible, but please ask before sending any items. If an item is listed and it does not show the player in a WHALERS uniform, than I am most likely not interested. Again, please ask. I do not collect autographs unless the signature is on an item that is on my list. I am NOT interested in items of the CAROLINA HURRICANES, HARTFORD WOLF PACK, or CONNECTICUT WHALE. Finally, I am always looking for posters, programs, magazines, tickets, schedules, brochures, guides, game-giveaways, and any other oddball items with Whalers featured. Please let me know if you have anything that is not listed. Thank you.