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All data used on this site has come from one of the following sources. While I have attempted to be accurate, I am sure that there will be errors. Errors from data input, incorrect data from one of these sources, etc. are bound to occur. I have already found many errors from the Whalers media guides use to build the Roster/Stats section. I have corrected as many that I could by using other sources to verify the correct data. I know there are still some discrepancies, and I am working on trying to verify and correct them. Also, there will be issues with some of the historical dates used in highlights/transactions database, especially with the transactions. I eventually would like to get back to Hartford and go through the Hartford Courant archives to verify many of these issues. I tried it once already, but those damn microfiche readers make me nauseous!

It has been brought to my attention that a large amount of the content on this site comes from a few individuals and I would like to give credit where it is due.
The stats taken from the Whalers guides/programs/etc are the work of team statistician (and the stat man for the WHA) Frank Polnaszek.
The photos taken from the same guides/programs/etc are the work of team photographers Paul Kellogg and Diane Sobelewski.

New England Whalers Media Guides 73/74-78/79 Player & team highlights, records, birthdays, photos, etc. Didn't get as much from the New England Guides as I did from the Hartford ones.
New England Whalers publications (various from 1972-1979) Player & team highlights, transactions, preseason game data, photos, etc. mostly Harpoon and Blue Line programs
Hartford Whalers Media Guides 79/80-96/97 Player & team highlights, game information, records, birthdays,  photos, etc. Great information here.
Hartford Whalers publications (various from 1979-1997) Player & team highlights, transactions, preseason game data, photos, etc. Goal, Ice House, and Hartford Whalers programs, as well as training camp guides for preseason data.
Carolina Hurricanes Media Guide 97/98 96/97 season information. This is really the last Hartford Whalers media guide, and the only place you will see that team name on this site.
The Complete Historical and Statistical Reference to the World Hockey Association, 1972-1979
by Scott by: Scott Surgent, Xaler Press ISBN 0-9644774-0-8
All New England Whalers game information and a few player and team highlights. GREAT book for WHA stats & information.
Same Game, Different Name: The History of the World Hockey Association
by Jack Lautier and Frank Polnaszek, Glacier Publishing. ISBN 09650315
A few player and team highlights. A good WHA book to READ. Some great stories in this one.
Forever Whalers
by Jack Lautier, Glacier Publishing. ISBN 0965031535
Player and team highlights A GREAT book for the Whalers fan. Lists every player to ever wear a Whalers jersey.
Big Bucks & Blue Pucks
by Murray Greig, Macmillan Canada Publishing. ISBN 0-7715-7423-1
got the Whalers vs Soviets and Czechoslovakia box scores from this as well as a few player and team highlights. Good WHA book.
Total Hockey : The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League
by Dan Diamond (Editor), James Duplacey (Editor), Ralph Dinger (Editor), Igor Kuperman, Eric Zweig, Ernie Fitzsimmons, Total Sports. ISBN: 189212985X
Some player trade information, birthdays, nicknames, and line names. AWESOME book. History of Hockey. Statistics from every player to play in the NHL. Much, much, much more. Includes players transaction history (which was a great help to me). YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BOOK!
Hartford Courant Newspaper (various dates) A few box scores and player/team highlights from some of the old issues I could get my hands on. Covered the Whale while in Hartford. Didn't list box scores in some of the old ones that I've seen. :-(
The Internet Hockey Database
By Ralph Slate.
Linked the Whalers roster to Ralph's site so you could get players Career statistics. The ULTIMATE site for team and players statistics. If you need stats, this is THE place to go.
Winnipeg Jets Archive Got some Whalers vs Jets and Whalers playoff box scores here. An awesome site from another defunct team. Tons of Jets/WHA information. (No longer on the WWW)
Home of the Oilers: Alberta Edmonton Oilers WHA 72-79  A bunch Whalers vs Oilers WHA box scores. Another great WHA team site. If you need WHA Oilers info, this is the place to go. (No longer on the WWW)
NHL Boxscores and Stats Most recent box scores came from this site.
Years: 91/92, 92/93, 95, 95/96, and 96/97.
You can get current box scores here as well.
(No longer on the WWW)
Pucky's Revenge Got the 72/73 box scores here. GREAT site with Whalers pictures, video, and audio that are update fairly frequently.
How's it goin' Pete? by John Eue. No data, just a great site on the REAL story of the Whalers move. John chronicles the Whalers departure and their subsequent struggles.
BrassBonanza.com Verified a few of the historical dates and created some box scores from audio clips of the Whalers Radio Network pre-game show Whalers Magazine provided to the site by producer Bob Joyce. Great Whalers Site. All kinds of audio/video. Full versions of Brass Bonanza!
Usenet Groups (Google Groups) Early 90's box scores Got a lot of box scores from the great folks who took the time to post results to the usenet discussion groups during the early days of the internet.
Hockey Draft Central Got some of the 1st NHL game data of the early Whalers draft picks from this site. History of the NHL draft. Attempting to profile every player ever drafted.