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Hartford Whalers Memorabilia FAQ

Question: Where can I find a Hartford/New England Whalers (hat, jersey, T-shirt, pogo stick, etc.)
Answer: I DON'T KNOW! Seriously, since the Whalers have moved out of New England and changed names, they don't make the stuff any more. So most stores have long since sold out of all their Whalers items. If you find a store that has something, consider yourself very lucky (and consider buying the entire stock as you'll probably never score a find like that again). If you keep reading, I'll let you in on a little secret that could help you out.

Question: I saw a Whalers (insert item here) on your site. I really, really wanted to get one of those for my Brother's/Boyfriend's/Mother's/Uncle's Birthday/Chanukah/Anniversary/Retirement gift. Will you sell it to me?
Answer: No. Most of these items are the "one of a kind", meaning I only have one. If I get rid of it that I wouldn't have any. Not a very good way to build a "collection".

Question: PLEASE!
Answer: No. Sorry.

Question: Pretty PLEASE, with sugar on top!
Answer: NO! Look, I would love to help all the Whalers fans out there, but I just can't. I do have a little secret that might help you out, keep reading.

Question: Ok, so "most" of your items are "one of a kind". What do you have more than one of?
Answer: Wouldn't you like to know! I have duplicates of some of the items in my collection. I would list the items, but then everyone would just start begging me to sell them (see above). I try to use my duplicates to TRADE with other Whalers fans, so that I can further my Whalers collection. I have a "wantlist" on this site that shows some of the items I am searching for. If you have anything from that list (or not on that list, but not listed on the site either) I would be willing to talk about what I can do for you! Please, e-mail me using the link on the previous page. If you really are still interested in getting some of my items, see the little secret below.

Question: OK, So what's the BIG SECRET!
Answer: There is one place that you can still get Whalers stuff regularly. I really shouldn't be telling you this. I will have to poke your eyes out now, and cut out your tongue. OK, here goes! There is a very little known website called...








E-BAY! If you are looking for Whalers stuff, this is THE place to find it! For those of you living in the Dark Ages, it is an on-line auction site. At any one time there are hundreds or items related to the Whalers up for sale. This is the only place I will SELL my Whalers items, so I can get as much money as I can, to BUY more Whalers stuff. Good luck, and please don't bid against me! :-)