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Whalers career highlights
Tom Webster
Tom Webster
Tom Webster Whalers Career Highlights
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10/18/1972 Tom Webster scores the 1st Whalers hat trick vs Houston. 
10/27/1972 Tom Webster scores his 3rd career Whalers hat trick vs Los Angeles. 
11/6/1972 Tom Webster scores his 2nd career Whalers hat trick vs Winnipeg. 
1/6/1973 Tom Webster represents the Whalers, recording an assist in the 1973 WHA All-Star game in Quebec. 
3/29/1973 Tom Webster scores his 50th Whalers goal of the season vs Ottawa. 
1/3/1974 Tom Webster represents the Whalers recording an assist in the 1974 WHA All-Star game in St. Paul. 
10/31/1974 Tom Webster scores his 100th and 101st career WHA goals vs Indianapolis. 
1/21/1975 Tom Webster represents the Whalers in the 1975 WHA All-Star game in Edmonton. 
12/22/1975 Tom Webster records a hat trick vs Cleveland. 
1/13/1976 Tom Webster represents the Whalers in the 1976 WHA All-Star game in Cleveland. 
5/5/1976 Tom Webster records a playoff hat trick vs Houston. 
3/2/1977 Tom Webster scores his 200th career Whalers goal vs San Diego. 
3/27/1977 Tom Webster records his 400th career point (a goal) vs Edmonton. 
10/19/1977 Tom Webster scores his 7th career hat trick vs Edmonton. 
4/12/1979 Mark Howe records his 104th point of the season (besting the Whalers single season record of 103 set by Tom Webster in 1972/73) vs Cincinnati. 
4/4/1980 Blaine Stoughton scores his 54th goal besting the Whalers franchise record of 53 (Tom Webster 1972/73) vs Quebec. 
8/19/1996 Former Whalers Tom Webster and Randy Ladouceur are hired as assistant coaches.