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Pat Verbeek
Pat Verbeek
Pat Verbeek Whalers Career Highlights
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10/5/1989 Pat Verbeek plays his 1st Whalers game vs Montreal. 
10/7/1989 Pat Verbeek records his 1st Whalers points (two assists) vs Minnesota. 
10/8/1989 Pat Verbeek scores his 1st two Whalers goals (adding 3 assists) vs Quebec. 
1/17/1990 Pat Verbeek scores the 3,000th goal in Whalers NHL history vs Los Angeles. 
2/14/1990 Pat Verbeek scores his 200th NHL goal vs Toronto. 
3/5/1990 Pat Verbeek is named NHL player of the week with 4 goals and 4 assists in 3 games. 
3/21/1990 Pat Verbeek records his 400th NHL point (an assist) vs Quebec. 
3/25/1990 Pat Verbeek scores his 44th goal of the season to lead the Whalers vs Pittsburgh. 
3/31/1990 Pat Verbeek records his career high 89th point of the season (with 2 assist) vs Quebec. 
4/9/1990 Pat Verbeek scores his 1st two Whalers playoff goals (including the GWG) vs Boston. 
10/3/1990 Pat Verbeek is named assistant captain replacing Dave Tippet. 
10/27/1990 Pat Verbeek records his 200th assist vs Vancouver. 
1/7/1991 Pat Verbeek is named to the 1991 NHL All-Star game in Chicago. 
1/19/1991 Pat Verbeek represents the Whalers, recording an assist in the 1991 NHL All-Star game in Chicago. 
2/10/1991 Pat Verbeek plays his 600th NHL game vs Chicago. 
3/14/1991 Pat Verbeek scores his 40th goal of the season vs Detroit. 
3/27/1991 Pat Verbeek scores his team high 43rd goal of the season vs New Jersey. 
3/31/1991 Pat Verbeek becomes the only NHL player to lead a team in goals scored and penalty minutes in consecutive years. 
4/7/1991 Pat Verbeek scores his 5th (and last) Whalers playoff goal (adding an assist) vs Boston. 
10/19/1991 Pat Verbeek records 2 assist and 2 goals for his 500th NHL point in a 4-1 win vs Buffalo. 
10/21/1991 Pat Verbeek is named NHL player of the Week with 8 points in 3 games. 
12/17/1991 Pat Verbeek scores the 5,500th goal in Whalers franchise history vs the New York Islanders. 
12/26/1991 Pat Verbeek records his 200th Whalers point (an assist) vs Boston. 
1/21/1992 Pat Verbeek scores his 100th Whalers goal in his 200th Whalers game vs Winnipeg. 
10/5/1992 Randy Ladouceur's team captaincy is removed. Paul Holmgren announces Ladouceur and Pat Verbeek will be assistant captains until a replacement is named. 
10/6/1992 Pat Verbeek plays his 700th NHL game vs Montreal. 
10/12/1992 Pat Verbeek is named team captain (8th NHL, 9th Franchise) replacing Randy Ladouceur. 
1/10/1993 Pat Verbeek scores the GWG for Montreal into his own net with an errant pass from behind the Canadiens goal line on a delayed penalty. Kirk Muller who was being called for holding is credited with the goal. 
2/17/1993 Pat Verbeek scores his 300th NHL goal and records his 300th NHL assist for his 600th NHL point vs Buffalo. 
2/20/1993 Pat Verbeek scores his 1st Whalers hat trick a "natural" (his 6th career) vs Edmonton. 
2/28/1993 Pat Verbeek scores his 2nd Whalers hat trick (7th career) vs the New York Islanders. 
3/5/1993 Pat Verbeek plays his 300th Whalers game vs Buffalo. 
10/14/1993 Pat Verbeek scores his 3rd Whalers hat trick (8th career) vs Chicago. 
11/13/1993 Pat Verbeek plays his 800th NHL game vs Edmonton. 
12/7/1993 Pat Verbeek scores his 4th Whalers hat trick (9th career) vs Washington. 
2/26/1994 Pat Verbeek collects his 2,000th NHL penalty minute vs New Jersey. 
3/5/1994 Pat Verbeek scores his 350th NHL goal vs Tampa Bay. 
3/29/1994 Pat Verbeek records his 700th NHL point (a goal) vs Detroit. 
4/6/1994 Pat Verbeek plays his 400th Whalers game vs the New York Islanders. 
3/14/1995 Pat Verbeek records his 400th Whalers point (a goal) vs the New York Islanders.