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Whalers career highlights
Peter Sidorkiewicz
Peter Sidorkiewicz
Peter Sidorkiewicz Whalers Career Highlights
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10/16/1987 Peter Sidorkiewicz plays in his 1st NHL game vs Washington. 
10/15/1988 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 1st NHL win vs Chicago. 
12/6/1988 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 1st NHL shutout with 31 saves vs Buffalo. 
1/23/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 2nd NHL shutout with 27 saves vs Quebec. 
2/9/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 1st NHL assist vs Buffalo. 
3/3/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 3rd NHL shutout with 21 saves vs Toronto. 
3/25/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 4th NHL shutout (tying him with Mike Liut for the team record for shutouts in a season) with 29 saves vs St. Louis. 
4/6/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz plays his 1st NHL playoff game vs Montreal. 
6/16/1989 Peter Sidorkiewicz is named to the NHL All-Rookie team. 
3/13/1990 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 5th NHL shutout with 28 saves vs Vancouver. 
4/5/1990 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 1st NHL playoff win making 33 saves vs Boston. 
10/27/1990 Peter Sidorkiewicz plays in his 100th NHL game vs Vancouver. 
12/12/1990 Peter Sidorkiewicz is scored against on the 6th NHL penalty shot (12th franchise) vs the Whalers taken by Bob Sweeney of Boston. 
1/3/1991 Peter Sidorkiewicz makes 22 saves in a 0-0 tie vs Moscow Dynamo, the only scoreless tie in NHL/Soviet confrontations. 
2/2/1991 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 6th NHL shutout with 20 saves vs Philadelphia. 
4/9/1991 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his only NHL playoff point (an assist) in his 5th and last NHL playoff win making 33 saves vs Boston. 
1/11/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 9th and last NHL point (an assist) vs Montreal. 
2/19/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz sets the Whalers NHL goaltending record for longest winless streak at 12 games (starting on 1/14/92, 7L 5T) vs Montreal. 
2/22/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz record his 8th career shutout with 21 saves vs Quebec. 
3/3/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz records his 9th NHL shutout in his 71st and final Whalers win with 30 saves vs Boston. 
3/14/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz and Kay Whitmore combine to set the Whalers longest NHL shutout sequence record (133 minutes, 19 seconds over four games) vs Edmonton. 
4/13/1992 Peter Sidorkiewicz plays his 15th and final NHL playoff game vs Boston.