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Whalers career highlights
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Whalers Career Highlights
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1/20/1976 Mike Rogers scores his 1st Whalers goal in his 1st Whalers game vs Phoenix. 
4/9/1976 Mike Rogers plays his 1st Whalers playoff game scoring a goal vs Cleveland. 
1/17/1977 Mike Rogers (replacing Dave Keon) and Thommy Abrahamsson (replacing the injured Rick Ley) are name to the East team for the 1977 WHA All-star game. 
1/18/1977 Mike Rogers represents the Whalers recording an assist in the 1977 WHA All-Star game in Hartford. 
12/7/1977 Mike Rogers scores his 100th WHA goal vs Birmingham. 
3/29/1978 Mike Rogers records a hat trick vs Cincinnati. 
10/24/1978 Mike Rogers plays his 200th Whalers game vs Cincinnati. 
3/20/1979 Mike Rogers receives his 1st WHA fighting major (after 419 games including playoffs) vs Quebec. 
4/22/1979 Mike Rogers scores 13th and last Whalers playoff goal vs Cincinnati. 
10/11/1979 Mike Rogers plays his 1st NHL game recording the Whalers 1st assist vs Minnesota. 
10/14/1979 Mike Rogers records his 1st NHL goal vs Chicago. 
10/17/1979 Mike Rogers plays his 400th career game vs Buffalo. 
1/21/1980 Mike Rogers records his 300th Whalers point on his an assist while adding two goals vs Winnipeg. 
1/30/1980 Mike Rogers records his 1st NHL hat trick vs Boston. 
3/8/1980 Mike Rogers records his 200th Whalers assist while adding 2 goals vs Washington. 
3/22/1980 Mike Rogers sets the Whalers (NHL) record for most consecutive games with a point at 17 (starting on 2/18/80) vs Montreal. 
4/4/1980 Mike Rogers sets the Whalers franchise record for goals in a season by a center with his 44th vs Quebec. 
4/4/1980 Mike Rogers records his 102nd point (with 2 goals and 2 assists) besting the Whalers franchise record of 100 (Terry Caffery 1972/73) vs Quebec. 
4/6/1980 Whalers become the first NHL expansion team to have two 100 point players in Mike Rogers and Blaine Stoughton. 
4/6/1980 Mike Rogers records his team leading 105th point (with 3 assists) setting the Whalers franchise record vs Detroit. 
4/8/1980 Mike Rogers plays his 1st NHL playoff game scoring his 1st point (an assist) vs Montreal. 
4/9/1980 Mike Rogers records his 37th and last Whalers playoff points (3rd NHL/34 WHA) with two assists vs Montreal. 
4/11/1980 Mike Rogers plays his 49th and last Whalers playoff game (3rd NHL/46 WHA) vs Montreal. 
10/11/1980 Mike Rogers records his 242nd consecutive game besting the Whalers record vs Minnesota. 
10/26/1980 Mike Rogers plays in his 250th (consecutive) Whalers game vs Philadelphia. 
11/2/1980 Mike Rogers scores his 100th Whalers goal vs Toronto. 
11/26/1980 Mike Rogers records his 2nd NHL hat trick (and adds an assist, the hat trick is the 1st Whalers NHL HT scored on home ice) vs Winnipeg. 
11/28/1980 Mike Rogers records his 300th career assist and 500th career point vs Edmonton. 
11/29/1980 Mike Rogers plays his 500th career game vs Buffalo. 
12/3/1980 Mike Rogers records his 3rd NHL hat trick vs Vancouver. 
12/9/1980 Mike Rogers plays his 300th Whalers game vs Edmonton. 
12/10/1980 Mike Rogers records his 400th Whalers point on a goal and an assist vs Winnipeg. 
12/26/1980 Mike Rogers ties the Whalers record for points in a game with 2 goals and 3 assists vs Pittsburgh. 
12/26/1980 Mike Rogers records his 400th career point on his 1st of two assists vs Philadelphia. 
12/29/1980 Mike Rogers is named NHL player of the Week after recording 4 goals and 6 assists in 3 games. 
1/2/1981 Mike Rogers is named NHL player of the Month (December). 
1/2/1981 Mike Rogers bests the Whalers (NHL)(and his) record for most consecutive games with a point at 18 (starting on 11/22/80, scoring 19g, 20a) vs Montreal. 
1/9/1981 Mike Rogers becomes the Whalers all time leading scorer (overtaking Tom Webster) with his 427th point vs Edmonton. 
1/20/1981 Mike Rogers is named team captain (2nd NHL, 3rd Franchise) replacing Rick Ley. 
1/21/1981 Mike Rogers plays his 400th Whalers game vs St. Louis. 
1/28/1981 Mike Rogers records his 4th NHL hat trick vs Colorado. 
1/29/1981 Mike Rogers is selected to represent the Whalers in the 1981 NHL All-Star game in Los Angeles. 
2/10/1981 Mike Rogers represents the Whalers in the 1981 NHL All-Star game in Los Angeles. 
2/22/1981 Mike Rogers fails to score on the Whalers 1st NHL penalty shot (against Doug Soetaert) vs the Rangers. 
3/22/1981 Mike Rogers scores his 40th goal of the season marking his 2nd consecutive season with 40 or more goals vs Toronto. 
3/22/1981 Mike Rogers scores his 164th and final Whalers goal (84th NHL/80 WHA) and adds an assist vs Toronto. 
3/22/1981 Mike Rogers records an assist for his 100th point of the season becoming the 10th player in NHL history to have back to back 100 point seasons vs Toronto. 
4/1/1981 Mike Rogers bests his own Whalers record of assists in a season by a centerman (61 in 1979/80 shared with Terry Caffery 1972/73) recording 3 in the game for his 63rd vs Quebec. 
4/5/1981 Mike Rogers records his 467th and final Whalers point (210th NHL/257 WHA) setting the Whalers record for assists in a season by a centerman with his career high 65th vs Pittsburgh. 
4/5/1981 Mike Rogers plays his 434 and last Whalers game (160 NHL/274 WHA) tying his Whalers record for points in a season (set in 1979/80) with his 105th point (an assist) vs Pittsburgh. 
3/24/1990 Ron Francis records his 500th NHL assist while breaking the Whalers franchise record for assist in a season with his 66th (Mike Rogers NHL, Mark Howe WHA) vs Montreal. 
3/31/1990 Ron Francis records his 100th point of the season (an assist) becoming only the 5th in franchise history to hit the mark (Tom Webster, Terry Caffery, and Mark Howe in the WHA; Mike Rogers - twice in the NHL) vs Quebec.