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Whalers career highlights
Rick Ley
Rick Ley
Rick Ley Whalers Career Highlights
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10/19/1972 Rick Ley scores his 1st career Whalers goal vs Quebec. 
1/6/1973 Rick Ley represents the Whalers in the 1973 WHA All-Star game in Quebec. 
4/29/1973 Rick Ley scores his 1st career playoff goal vs Winnipeg. 
5/3/1973 Bill Berglund breaks his thumb punching a Jets fan in the Whalers dressing room. Fans stormed in to confront Rick Ley for not appearing to accept the 2nd star of the game presented by a handicapped boy. Ley was not made aware of the award presentation. 
1/3/1974 Rick Ley represents the Whalers in the 1974 WHA All-Star game in St. Paul. 
12/15/1974 Rick Ley records the first 3 on 5 shorthanded goal in major leauge hockey history, assisted by Tom Earl and Paul Hurley with Jim Dorey and Brad Selwood in the box vs Winnipeg. 
1/21/1975 Rick Ley represents the Whalers in the 1975 WHA All-Star game in Edmonton. 
6/28/1975 Rick Ley is named the Whalers 2nd team captain replacing Ted Green. 
1/13/1976 Rick Ley represents the Whalers recording an assist in the 1976 WHA All-Star game in Cleveland. 
1/17/1978 Rick Ley represents the Whalers in the 1978 WHA All-Star game in Quebec. 
1/2/1979 Rick Ley represents the Whalers in the 3 day 1979 WHA All-Star vs Moscow Dynamo series recording 2 assists in Edmonton. 
12/4/1979 Blaine Stoughton is named temporary team captain (in place of the injured Rick Ley out with a fractured bone in his foot) vs Washington. 
2/10/1980 Rick Ley scores his 1st career Whalers NHL goal vs Minnesota. 
2/2/1981 Rick Ley plays his final career Whalers game vs Quebec. He would miss the remainder of the season due to a knee injury and would retire before the 81/82 season. 
2/22/1981 Rick Ley is named assistant coach after a knee injury will prevent him from playing for the remainder of the 80/81 season. 
1/4/1983 John Cunniff is named assistant coach. Rick Ley replaces him as head coach of the Binghampton Whalers. 
6/29/1983 Rick Ley is fired from his head coaching position with the Binghampton Whalers and is replaced by John Cunniff. 
6/7/1989 Rick Ley is named head coach replacing Larry Pleau. 
10/5/1989 Rick Ley coaches his 1st career NHL game vs Montreal. 
10/8/1989 Rick Ley coaches his 1st career NHL win vs Quebec. 
5/29/1991 Rick Ley is released as head coach.