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Whalers career highlights
Dave Keon
Dave Keon
Dave Keon Whalers Career Highlights
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1/22/1977 Dave Keon scores his 1st Whalers goal vs Indianapolis. 
2/20/1977 Dave Keon records his 1,000th career (NHL/WHA) point (on 3 assists) vs Calgary. 
4/9/1977 Dave Keon plays his 1st Whalers playoff game vs Quebec. 
4/12/1977 Dave Keon scores his 1st Whalers playoff goal vs Quebec. 
1/2/1979 Dave Keon represents the Whalers in the 3 day 1979 WHA All-Star vs Moscow Dynamo series recording an assist in Edmonton. 
2/10/1979 Dave Keon scores his 1st Whalers (8th career) hat trick vs Winnipeg. 
3/23/1979 Dave Keon records his 100th WHA goal (on his 2nd of the game) vs Quebec. 
4/8/1979 Dave Keon records his 100th WHA asssist vs Winnipeg. 
4/14/1979 Dave Keon plays his 300th WHA game vs Cincinnati. 
5/6/1979 Dave Keon scores his 11th and last Whalers playoff goals (13th WHA/45 career) on his 2nd of the game while adding two assists vs Edmonton. 
10/31/1979 Dave Keon makes his return to Maple Leaf Gardens in his 200th Whalers game scoring his 1st Whalers NHL goal, his 1st NHL goal in over four years (adding an assist) and receiving a standing ovation. 
11/30/1979 Dave Keon records his 700th career assist and adds a goal vs Pittsburgh. 
12/7/1979 Dave Keon sets the Whalers (NHL) record for most consecutive games with an assist at 10 (starting on 11/17/79, recording 12 assists) vs the Rangers. 
12/19/1979 Dave Keon records his 101st career penalty minute (NHL/WHA) in his 20th professional season vs Washington. 
1/7/1980 Dave Keon plays his 1,400th career game (NHL/WHA) vs the Rangers. 
2/3/1980 Dave Keon records his 900th NHL point (an assist) vs the Islanders. 
2/26/1980 Dave Keon records his 1,200th career point (an assist) vs Quebec. 
4/4/1980 Dave Keon records his career high 52nd assist of the season vs Quebec. 
4/11/1980 Dave Keon plays his 32nd and last Whalers playoff game (92nd NHL/128th carrer) recording his 33rd Whalers point (68th NHL/104 career) on an assist vs Montreal. 
12/26/1980 Dave Keon plays his 300th NHL Whalers game vs Pittsburgh. 
2/22/1981 Dave Keon plays his 1,500th career game (NHL/WHA) vs the Rangers. 
2/25/1981 Dave Keon plays his 1,200th NHL game (recording an assist) vs Minnesota. 
3/21/1981 Dave Keon records his 100th NHL penalty minute (in his 1,211th NHL game) while recording his 1st career misconduct penalty in 21 seasons (1,512 games) vs the Rangers. 
10/6/1981 Dave Keon is designated team captain for the game vs Quebec. 
10/17/1981 Dave Keon is named team captain (3rd NHL, 4th Franchise) replacing Mike Rogers. Don Nachbaur and Jack McIlhargey are named alternate captains. 
2/13/1982 Dave Keon plays 400th Whalers game vs the Rangers. 
3/27/1982 Dave Keon scores the 498th and final goal of his career (396th NHL/91st Whalers career) vs the Islanders. 
4/3/1982 Dave Keon records his 1,277th and final career point (986th NHL/294 Whalers career) assisting on Paul MacDermid's 1st NHL goal vs the Rangers. 
4/4/1982 Dave Keon plays his 1,597th and final career game (1,296th NHL/424 Whalers career) vs Boston. 
9/10/1986 Dave Keon is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. 
3/21/1990 Dave Keon and Howard Baldwin are inducted into the Hartford Whalers Hall of Fame.