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Whalers career highlights
Kevin Dineen
Kevin Dineen
Kevin Dineen Whalers Career Highlights
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12/3/1984 Kevin Dineen plays his 1st NHL game vs Montreal. 
12/7/1984 Kevin Dineen records his 1st NHL point (an assist) vs Toronto. 
12/15/1984 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st NHL goal vs Montreal. 
10/17/1985 Kevin Dineen scores the game winner at 1:49 of overtime vs New Jersey. 
1/7/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st NHL hat trick vs Calgary. 
3/7/1986 Kevin Dineen plays his 100th NHL game vs Buffalo. 
3/15/1986 Kevin Dineen scores ties the Whalers record for points in a game with 2 goals and 3 assists vs Chicago. 
3/26/1986 Kevin Dineen records his 100th NHL point (a game winning goal) vs Montreal. 
4/9/1986 Kevin Dineen records his 1st NHL playoff point (an assist) in his 1st NHL playoff game vs Quebec. 
4/12/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st two NHL playoff goals (and adds 3 assists) vs Quebec. 
4/23/1986 Kevin Dineen scores the game winning goal 1:07 into overtime vs Montreal. 
12/21/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 2nd hat trick (the 3rd goal in OT) vs the Rangers. 
1/27/1987 Kevin Dineen is named to the NHL All-Star team that will face the Soveits in a two game series in Qubec. 
2/11/1987 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers, scoring a goal, in the 2 game NHL All-Star team vs Soviet National Team at Rendez-Vous 1987. 
4/4/1987 Kevin Dineen scores his team leading 40th goal of the season vs the Rangers. 
10/16/1987 Kevin Dineen scores his 100th NHL goal vs Washington. 
10/24/1987 Kevin Dineen plays his 200th NHL game scoring a goal vs Chicago. 
11/6/1987 Kevin Dineen records his 200th NHL point (a goal) vs Detroit. 
1/9/1988 Kevin Dineen scores the game winner 55 seconds into overtime vs Pittsburgh. 
1/12/1988 Kevin Dineen is selected as the starting right wing in the 1988 All-Star game with 189,852 fan votes. He is the 1st Whalers player to be voted as a starter in the game. 
2/9/1988 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers, recording 2 assists, as the 1st Whalers All-Star starter for the Whales Conference in the 1988 NHL All-Star game in St. Louis. 
3/9/1988 Kevin Dineen scores the 2,500th goal in Whalers NHL history vs Los Angeles. 
3/22/1988 Kevin Dineen records his team leading 25th goal of the season (tie with Ron Francis) and adds an assist vs Winnipeg. 
1/4/1989 Kevin Dineen records a game high 4 assists vs Buffalo. 
1/24/1989 Kevin Dineen is named to the 1989 All-Start game in Edmonton. 
2/7/1989 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers in the 1989 NHL All-Star game in Edmonton. 
2/11/1989 Dave Tippett re-assumes the interim team captain role (from Joel Quenneville who is back out with a shoulder injury) while Ron Francis recovers from a broken finger. Kevin Dineen and John Anderson serve as assistant captains. 
2/15/1989 Kevin Dineen records his 300th NHL point (a goal) vs Toronto. 
3/8/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his 3rd NHL hat trick vs Edmonton. 
3/23/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his team leading and career high 45th goal of the season (his 2nd of the night) vs Quebec. 
4/1/1989 Kevin Dineen records his team leading and career high 89th point of the season (on his career high 44th assist) vs Chicago. 
10/14/1989 Kevin Dineen is named assistant captain as he returns from injury to play his 1st game of the season vs New Jersey. 
10/19/1989 Kevin Dineen fails to score on the Whalers 10th NHL penalty shot (against Mike Richter) vs the Rangers. 
11/4/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his 4th NHL hat trick (and added two assists) vs Los Angeles. 
12/16/1989 Kevin Dineen scores the 5,000th goal in Whalers franchise history vs Washington. 
3/6/1990 Kevin Dineen scores his 5th hat trick vs the Islanders. 
3/8/1990 Kevin Dineen plays his 400th NHL game vs Toronto. 
3/12/1990 Kevin Dineen is suspended for one game for a stick swinging incident during the 3/11/90 game vs Boston. 
3/18/1990 Kevin Dineen records his 200th NHL assist vs Edmonton. 
10/12/1990 Kevin Dineen records his 400th NHL point with a goal vs Detroit. 
11/17/1990 Kevin Dineen scores his 200th NHL goal vs Washington. 
12/3/1990 Kevin Dineen sets the Whalers (NHL) record for fastest goal to start a game at 10 seconds vs Montreal. 
2/22/1991 Kevin Dineen is nominated for the NHL's Man of the Year award which is awarded to the player that shows leadership on and off the ice. 
4/3/1991 Kevin Dineen scores his Whalers NHL playoff record 17th goal and 31st point vs Boston. 
11/2/1991 Randy Ladouceur is named intermim team captain (7th NHL, 8th Franchise) replacing Ron Francis. John Cullen and Kevin Dineen are named alternate captains. 
4/12/1992 Kevin Dineen makes his return to the Civic Center with the Flyers scoring his 30th goal of the season (shorthanded) in front of 4,490 fans in the first game since the 10 day players strike ended. 
12/30/1995 Kevin Dineen plays his 1st game since re-joining the Whalers vs Washington. 
1/3/1996 Kevin Dineen plays his 1st home game since re-joining the Whalers earning the player issued hard-hat award vs Washington. 
1/24/1996 Kevin Dineen plays his 500th Whalers game vs Buffalo. 
3/27/1996 Kevin Dineen records his 500th Whalers point (a goal) vs Tampa Bay. 
10/2/1996 Kevin Dineen is named team captain (10th NHL, 11th Franchise) replacing Brendan Shanahan. Glen Wesley and Andrew Cassels are named alternate captains. 
10/26/1996 Kevin Dineen scores his 220th Whalers goal surpasing Blaine Stoughton for 2nd all time in frachise history vs Buffalo. 
2/25/1997 Kevin Dineen receives the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce's first-ever role model of the year award for "his hustle and determination on the ice, and everything he's done off ice." 
3/7/1997 Keith Primeau is designated team captain for games against Montreal, Toronto, and New Jersey as Kevin Dineen is scratched due to injury. 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores his 235th and final Whalers goal on his 503 Whalers point in his 587th Whalers game vs Tampa Bay. 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores the final goal in Whalers history, it is the 4,704th goal in Whalers NHL history and the 6,750th in franchise history. 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores the final goal in Whalers history (assisted by Geoff Sanderson and Andrew Cassels) in a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Hartford Whalers are no more…