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Whalers career highlights
Kevin Dineen and Ulf Sameulsson
Kevin Dineen and Ulf Sameulsson
Kevin Dineen Whalers Career Highlights
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12/3/1984 Kevin Dineen plays his 1st NHL game vs Montreal. 
12/7/1984 Kevin Dineen records his 1st NHL point (an assist) vs Toronto. 
12/15/1984 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st NHL goal vs Montreal. 
10/17/1985 Kevin Dineen scores the game winner at 1:49 of overtime vs New Jersey. 
1/7/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st NHL hat trick vs Calgary. 
3/7/1986 Kevin Dineen plays his 100th NHL game vs Buffalo. 
3/15/1986 Kevin Dineen scores ties the Whalers record for points in a game with 2 goals and 3 assists vs Chicago. 
3/26/1986 Kevin Dineen records his 100th NHL point (a game winning goal) vs Montreal. 
4/9/1986 Kevin Dineen records his 1st NHL playoff point (an assist) in his 1st NHL playoff game vs Quebec. 
4/12/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 1st two NHL playoff goals (and adds 3 assists) vs Quebec. 
4/23/1986 Kevin Dineen scores the game winning goal 1:07 into OT vs Montreal. 
12/21/1986 Kevin Dineen scores his 2nd hat trick (the 3rd goal in OT) vs the New York Rangers. 
1/27/1987 Kevin Dineen and Ulf Samuelsson are named to the NHL All-Star team that will face the Soveits in a two game series in Qubec. 
2/11/1987 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers, scoring a goal, in the 2 game NHL All-Star team vs Soviet National Team at Rendez-Vous 1987. 
4/4/1987 Kevin Dineen scores his 40th goal of the season vs the New York Rangers. 
10/16/1987 Kevin Dineen scores his 100th NHL goal vs Washington. 
10/24/1987 Kevin Dineen plays his 200th NHL game scoring a goal vs Chicago. 
11/6/1987 Kevin Dineen records his 200th NHL point (a goal) vs Detroit. 
1/9/1988 Kevin Dineen scores 55 seconds into overtime vs Pittsburgh. 
1/12/1988 Kevin Dineen is selected as the starting right wing in the 1988 All-Star game with 189,852 fan votes. He is the 1st Whalers player to be voted as a starter in the game. 
2/9/1988 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers, recording 2 assists, as the 1st Whalers All-Star starter for the Whales Conference in the 1988 NHL All-Star game in St. Louis. 
3/9/1988 Kevin Dineen scores the 2,500th goal in Whalers NHL history vs Los Angeles. 
1/4/1989 Kevin Dineen records a high 4 assists in a game vs Buffalo. 
1/24/1989 Kevin Dineen is named to the 1989 All-Start game in Edmonton. 
2/7/1989 Kevin Dineen represents the Whalers in the 1989 NHL All-Star game in Edmonton. 
2/11/1989 Dave Tippett re-assumes the interim team captain role (from Joel Quenneville who is back out with a shoulder injury) while Ron Francis recovers from a broken finger. Kevin Dineen and John Anderson serve as assistant captains. 
2/15/1989 Kevin Dineen records his 300th NHL point (a goal) vs Toronto. 
3/8/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his 3rd NHL hat trick vs Edmonton. 
3/23/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his team leading and career high 45th goal of the season (his 2nd of the night) vs Quebec. 
4/1/1989 Kevin Dineen records his career high 89th point of the season (on his career high 44th assist) vs Chicago. 
10/14/1989 Kevin Dineen is named assistant captain as he returns from injury to play his 1st game of the season vs New Jersey. 
10/19/1989 Kevin Dineen fails to score on the Whalers 10th NHL penalty shot (against Mike Richter) vs the New York Rangers. 
11/4/1989 Kevin Dineen scores his 4th NHL hat trick (and added two assists) vs Los Angeles. 
12/16/1989 Kevin Dineen scores the 5,000th goal in Whalers franchise history vs Washington. 
3/6/1990 Kevin Dineen scores his 5th hat trick vs the New York Islanders. 
3/8/1990 Kevin Dineen plays his 400th NHL game vs Toronto. 
3/12/1990 Kevin Dineen is suspended for one game for a stick swinging incident during the 3/11/90 game vs Boston. 
3/18/1990 Kevin Dineen records his 200th NHL assist vs Edmonton. 
10/12/1990 Kevin Dineen records his 400th NHL point with a goal vs Detroit. 
11/17/1990 Kevin Dineen scores his 200th NHL goal vs Washington. 
12/3/1990 Kevin Dineen sets the Whalers (NHL) record for fastest goal to start a game at 10 seconds vs Montreal. 
11/2/1991 Randy Ladouceur is named team captain (7th NHL, 8th Franchise), replacing Ron Francis. John Cullen and Kevin Dineen are named alternate captains. 
4/12/1992 Kevin Dineen makes his return to the Civic Center with the Flyers in front of 4,490 fans in the first game since the 10 day players strike ended. 
1/3/1996 Kevin Dineen plays his 1st game since re-joining the Whalers vs Washington. 
1/24/1996 Kevin Dineen plays his 500th Whalers game vs Buffalo. 
10/2/1996 Kevin Dineen is named team captain (10th NHL, 11th Franchise) replacing Brendan Shanahan. Glen Wesley and Andrew Cassels are named alternate captains. 
2/25/1997 Kevin Dineen receives the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce's first-ever role model of the year award for "his hustle and determination on the ice, and everything he's done off ice." 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores the final goal in Whalers history, it is the 4,704th goal in Whalers NHL history and the 6,750th in franchise history. 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores his 235th (and final) Whalers goal in his 587th Whalers game vs Tampa Bay. 
4/13/1997 Kevin Dineen scores the final goal in Whalers history (assisted by Geoff Sanderson and Andrew Cassels) in a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Hartford Whalers are no more…