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Whalers career highlights
John Cunniff
John Cunniff
John Cunniff Whalers Career Highlights
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10/12/1972 John Cunniff plays his 1st WHA game vs Philadelphia. 
10/12/1972 John Cunniff records his 1st Whalers goal vs Philadelphia. 
10/12/1972 Tom Earl and John Cunniff record the Whalers 1st WHA assists (their first WHA points) vs Philadelphia. 
5/2/1973 John Cunniff scores his 1st WHA playoff goal vs Winnipeg. 
2/17/1974 John Cunniff scores his 2nd of the game at 5:52 of overtime vs Winnipeg. 
4/9/1974 John Cunniff scores his 2nd WHA playoff goal (his last career goal) vs Chicago. 
4/6/1981 John Cunniff is named assistant coach. 
2/16/1982 John Cunniff steps in as Head Coach for the ailing Larry Pleau vs Calgary. 
2/24/1982 John Cunniff records his 1st NHL coaching win vs Boston. 
3/13/1982 Larry Pleau resumes head coaching duties after taking 3 weeks off due to a flare with his blood desorder. John Cunniff records a 3-7-2 record in his absence. 
6/17/1982 John Cunniff is named head coach of the Binghampton Whalers. 
1/4/1983 John Cunniff is named assistant coach replacing the ailing Jacques Caron. Rick Ley replaces him as head coach of the Binghampton Whalers. 
3/8/1983 John Cunniff is named interm head coach replacing Larry Pleau. Jack McIlhargey is promoted from Binhampton to act as assistant coach. 
6/14/1984 Larry Pleau is named Head coach and GM of Binghampton Whalers, replacing John Cunniff who is retained as a scout. 
11/11/1984 John Cunniff leave his scouting position with the team to become assistant coach in Boston.