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Whalers career highlights
Sean Burke
Sean Burke
Sean Burke Whalers Career Highlights
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10/6/1992 Sean Burke plays in his 1st Whalers game vs Montreal. 
10/20/1992 Sean Burke makes 27 saves in his 1st Whalers win vs New Jersey 
1/5/1994 Sean Burke records his 1st Whalers shutout (5th career) with 20 saves vs Winnipeg. 
1/8/1994 Sean Burke records his 2nd Whalers shutout (6th career) with 28 saves vs the Islanders. 
1/24/1994 Sean Burke sets the Whalers (NHL) goaltending record for longest individual shoutout sequence on home ice at 187:58 (starting on 1/2/94) vs Boston. 
1/21/1995 Sean Burke makes the save on the 9th NHL penalty shot (14th franchise) vs the Whalers taken by Michal Pivonka of Washington. 
1/26/1995 Sean Burke plays his 100th Whalers game vs Philadelphia. 
2/20/1995 Sean Burke named NHL Player of the Week after posting a 2-0-1 record, allowing 5 goals (1.94 GAA) with a .941 save %. 
2/22/1995 Sean Burke records his 100th NHL win with 42 saves vs Boston. 
4/28/1995 Sean Burke plays in his 300th NHL game vs Philadelphia. 
10/7/1995 Sean Burke records his 3rd Whalers shutout (7th career) with 37 saves vs the Rangers. 
1/3/1996 Sean Burke records his 4th Whalers shutout (8th career) with 33 saves vs Washington. 
1/16/1996 Sean Burke records his 5th Whalers shutout (9th career) with 25 saves vs Vancouver. 
1/17/1996 Sean Burke records his career high 6th point of the season (an assist) leading the NHL in points for the season and seting the franchise record vs the Islanders. 
2/7/1996 Jason Muzzatti replaces Sean Burke and makes 28 saves, recording his 1st NHL win vs Vancouver. 
2/7/1996 Sean Burke ties the Whalers (NHL) goaltending record for most consecutive games played at 22 games (starting on 12/18/95, going 10-9-3) vs Vancouver. He would leave the game in the 1st period with back spasms and would miss the next 3 games. 
3/8/1996 Sean Burke moves into second on the Whalers all-time wins list recording his 72nd vs Toronto. 
3/8/1996 Sean Burke makes the save on the 10th NHL penalty shot (15th franchise) vs the Whalers taken by Wayne Presley of Toronto. 
4/3/1996 Sean Burke makes the save on the 11th and last NHL penalty shot (16th franchise) vs the Whalers taken by Brian Bradley of Tampa Bay. 
4/13/1996 Sean Burke records his 6th Whalers shutout (10th career) with 34 saves vs Boston. 
4/14/1996 Sean Burke plays in his career high 66th game of the season vs Buffalo. 
10/5/1996 Sean Burke records his 7th Whalers shutout (11th career) with 30 saves vs Phoenix. 
1/25/1997 Sean Burke records his 150th NHL win with 35 saves vs Buffalo. 
2/22/1997 Sean Burke records his 8th Whalers shutout (12th career) with 28 saves vs Washington. 
3/5/1997 Sean Burke records his 9th Whalers shutout (13th career) with 30 saves vs Calgary. 
3/7/1997 Sean Burke makes 27 saves recording his 2nd consecutive shutout and the last Whalers shutout (his 10th with the Whalers and 14th career) vs Montreal. 
3/8/1997 Sean Burke set's his personal best shoutout streak of 146:58 (starting on 3/2 against Philadelpia, including back to back shoutouts vs Calgary and Montreal) vs Toronto. 
4/7/1997 Sean Burke records his 8th and final Whalers point (an assist) vs Buffalo. 
4/13/1997 Sean Burke plays his 256th and final Whalers game recording his 100th Whalers win vs Tampa Bay.